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We conceive your concept and then bring it to life using cutting-edge technology after you share it with us. You will constantly feel that you are one step ahead of your opponents.

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zylDesk is a specialized company or creative team that focuses on creating and developing visually appealing, functional, and user-friendly websites for individuals, businesses, organizations, and other entities. These agency combine design expertise with technical skills to craft websites that not only look visually appealing but also provide a seamless and engaging user experience.




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The highly organised and dedicated team of zylDesk can code any projects.


zylDesk is a specialized companythat focuses on providing comprehensive services related to the development, design, optimization, and maintenance of websites built on the WordPress platform.

Speed Optimization

We ensure Speed optimization of a website that is a critical aspect of web development that focuses on enhancing overall performance.


We ensure that websites are optimized for search engines is crucial for online visibility.

Premium Theme & Plugin installation

Premium themes and plugins offer advanced customization options, unique designs, and specialized functionalities that can take your WordPress site to the next level.


We convert PSD into html with responsiveness and cross browser compatibility. The converted HTML and CSS code is reviewed by both the developer and the client


We convert PSD into React with responsiveness and cross browser compatibility. The converted HTML and CSS code is reviewed by both the developer and the client

Why you choose us

We have tremendous work experience with different companies.  Our skill and expertise ensure establishing any website.

Highly Cost-Effective

We provide exceptionally competitive price for constructing enterprise-class solutions and guarantee that you will not have to reinvest in it in the future. Projects are charged at a flat fee of $40-60 per hour. Please contact us right away for a project estimate.

Support and Maintenance

Each project comes with a one-year client support guarantee at no extra charge. You will never feel abandoned during the development and post-construction periods. We will always be available via our contact methods.


We make certain that our software solutions are designed to suit future business development. You will never feel confined.

Some of our projects

We have different eye catching projects in our showcase.

System Construction Limited

System Construction Limited is the proud distributor and applicator of products from world leaders of the construction industry.

Dr Mumit Chowdhury

Regenerative medicine involves delivering cells or cell products to tissues or organs that are diseased to restore tissue or organ function.

Social Moto

Power up your social media presence with SocialMoto’s expert boasting. Gain followers, likes, and comments to build a thriving online community.

How It Works

Our primary focus is to meet ultimate expectation of our clients.

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What Our Clients Say

We do trust customer satisfaction and achieving these from very beginning. 

Really pleased with the quality of the delivery and the time it took to implement, I received the results in less than 24 hours after accepting the order. The site is flawless and works great on all browsers, both on PC and mobile.

Mumit Chowdhury

zylDesk was really helpful and patient with getting my landing page up and running in a short time. They are very knowledgeable and I will definitely reach out again the next time I need to make a site/ page.

Kazi Rizvan

zylDesk demonstrated excellent communication skills, promptly responding to all my queries and understanding my vision for the landing page. Their ability to grasp the essence of my brand and translate it into an engaging design was truly commendable. 

Asad Saimon